Panda Garden (Lincoln)

Yami is the hot Korean spot for now, but Panda Garden has had a Korean menu for a long time and I finally made my way out there with Riphsaw and friends. I was originally confused that Panda Garden was only a Chinese restaurant, but they have two distinct Chinese and Korean menus. If you stop by for lunch, you get to pick an entree and get soup and access to the kimchi bar.

A selection of kimchi from the kimchi bar.

A selection of kimchi from the kimchi bar.

The kimchi bar has about six options, along with some fresh vegetables to add. The variety at Yami is larger, but you get to choose what you want at Panda Garden. I found the potatoes to be rather bland and too crunchy, but the cabbage and celery were really good.

We also ordered fried pot stickers and the seafood pancake, both of which came out piping hot and would be excellent hangover cures.

Chicken bulgogi.

Chicken bulgogi.

I chose the chicken bulgogi for my entree and after eating all the appetizers and kimchi, I only put a small dent into the entree. It was good but was milder than I expected. It became a good reheated meal the next day.

The owners are extremely cordial and helpful, but the dishes seemed to lack a brightness and bite that you get at Yami. Possibly Yami uses more salt and spice (certainly more garlic) than Panda Garden.

Regardless, the lunch special is a great bargain and everything I had was very good. I intend to return to try other dishes.

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