Old Jerusalem (Chicago)

I fondly remembered the lentil soup, and Ripshaw was kvetching that the meat wave had conquered him, so how about lentil soup and falafel?

Non-meat wave.

Non-meat wave.

The lentil soup is Quite Nice and comes with a lemon wedge which I think is a sine qua non for lentil soup. I’ve generally assumed lentil soup was vegetarian (vegan, even), but I’m pretty sure the broth is chicken-based. I could be wrong about that point.

The pita bread is super-fresh and I believe it’s made at a bakery in town. Prices are affordable and the staff is friendly. I’ve never really had anything but the soup and falafel, so I can’t speak for the meat dishes. If you’re feeling over-meated, this could be the cure.

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~ by jackjackson on March 22, 2013.

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