Belly Shack (Chicago)

When you’re up all night and don’t really remember falling asleep, you tend to go to places like Belly Shack for lunch. Not that it wouldn’t be good when you’re not hungover, but it just sounds extra good when you are.

Bread, meat, and kimchi.

The Belly Shack has a post-modern (I’m guessing) atmosphere, with concrete floor and metallic everything, and you get the feeling that only people who listen to NPR or read the Washington Post venture inside, but the basic Korean beef was really delicious. As you can see, it comes with too much bread, and ultimately qualifies for nomination for Half the Food at Half the Price (HTFAHTP), but it was all delicious. The meat was very tender and succulent, and the kimchi, although a little too sweet for my liking, was a very good go-with. I tried to make a little sandwich with the bread, but it was easier to just fork up and mow down.

The service was friendly, and the only gaffe was that the tostones (a seemingly unusual item for a Korean restaurant) came out almost so late that we were done eating our main dishes.

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~ by jackjackson on August 12, 2012.

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