Phat Jack’s BBQ (Lincoln)

The end of Paul’s BBQ as a regular restaurant (he only caters now, but you can get items like brisket, ribs, and pulled pork at certain grocery store deli counters on certain days) has left a hole in Lincoln’s scene. Where can you get the best BBQ now?

I’d heard Phat Jack’s was really good, so off we went.

A no-frills sign.

I usually judge BBQ by the brisket, and I had the brisket combo, which is a half-pound of brisket served on a piece of bread (I know it’s traditional, but we can stop serving that soggy bread at some point, can’t we?), and comes with two sides. The better choice was probably just the brisket sandwich, which comes with a smaller, single side, and a drink. The brisket combo was $9.99 before tax, and likely could be split with another person.

Gonna get ffat eating like this all the time.

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, but I have to say that the brisket, while good, is no match for Paul’s, but it is more tender and tastier than, say, the Southwest Pit BBQ brisket. The brisket is actually even more savory and tender at Dickey’s (a franchise chain). But the beans are much better at Phat Jack’s, and the potato salad is merely unremarkable.

You can choose mild or spicy BBQ sauce, and both are pretty mild, but both are pretty good. I’ve been told I have to experience the burnt ends there, so I’ll likely swing by sometime for those. Overall, a pretty good place, but Lincoln is still lacking an amazing BBQ joint, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

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