Heoya (Lincoln)

It’s easy to find out where the Heoya food truck will be by “Liking” it on Facebook. I was told the bánh mi and egg rolls were very good, so that’s what I had.

Food on wheels.

The modern food-truck mania is, well, whatever. I’m not really into grabbing food in parking lots and then driving somewhere or walking to a park bench to eat it. An example is that egg rolls are fried, and are best when right out of the fryer in order to experience the fryer hei.

Deliciously fried.

I felt compelled to eat the egg rolls in my car for max heat, but they’re served with a sweet sauce, and I simply despise sweet dipping sauces for fried foods (hello, supertasters!). I ate one and went home quickly for some soy sauce. Regardless, the egg rolls were delicious.

Bánh mi? Okay.

The Heoya bánh mi (steak) was pretty tasty, but has some issues. First, the meat is marinated in a too-sweet sauce, like teriyaki. Maybe that’s the authentic style, but as I’ve said before, I like savory for entrees, and sweet for desserts. Don’t mix ’em up, thanks. Second, the meat is sliced not quite thin enough, so it’s occasionally tough, and there is plenty of gristle to fight through. Also, the grilled bread tastes good, but is about twice the size needed for what is inside it, which includes the much-maligned iceberg lettuce and pickled vegetables.

I’ll definitely go back for egg rolls and try out some other items. I think I’ll pass on the steak bánh mi for now.

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