Eats (San Francisco)

We found ourselves hungry on a Sunday morning but the city was beset by the Bay to Breakers foot race, so our options were limited. We ultimately settled on Eats, because it looked popular due to the short line outside comprised of race participants.

A traffic light of juice?

I’m a sucker for fresh pineapple juice, so I had the Power-C, a mix of fresh orange and pineapple juice. The red and green ones, chosen by the Ripshaws, were vegetable somethings, and I just don’t cotton to vegetable juices so much. Mine was really enjoyable, good for a slight hangover, even.

Breffy Breffass.

I ordered a simple two-eggs special, with some nice roasted potatoes and majorly-disappointing, overcooked bacon. Don’t get me wrong, I want my bacon cooked, not slimy, but this was more like a cedar shake shingle for roofing than human consumption. The potatoes were nice because they were cut small, and had mild garlic and scallion with them. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and not overcooked, and a fresh slice of cantaloupe finished the hangover cure.

It was serviceable and the staff were friendly, but the overcooked bacon was a major double-plus negative ungood.

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