Una Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco)

If you have donuts for breakfast and meat sandwiches for lunch, it goes without saying you should complete the picture with pizza for dinner. Of course, you shouldn’t have any old pizza. You need to have the best of pizza.

A nicely acidic marinara pizza.

Richard Ripshaw, with only a slight bit of tongue in cheek, suggests Tony Mangieri is the “Lord of Pizza.” As for the Neapolitan style, Una has the best-executed I’ve had, although I still prefer a slightly thinner, crisper crust, what for the better to eat more pizza. But the simple flavors shine and the dough is of a great toothiness with great texture.

An ancient pizza machine.

The marinara pizza (in the first picture) had a great acidity, and the garlic was biting and sharp without the lingering effects of bad breath or smelly sweats. I’d heard there are often long lines, and when there’s no more dough, there’s no more pizza. But we were able to get in quickly at the opening of dinner on a Thursday, so maybe that’s the best time to arrive.

Where buffalo cheese roams?

I could probably eat Buffalo mozzarella all day, but I’m sure the neighbors, whose house is downriver sewer-wise, would find it tiresome after awhile. Regardless, this classic margherita pizza was one of the best I’ve had, with all the ingredients distinctly palpable on the palate. The readers will have to forgive me for not eating the corona, or outer crust, because I could still feel the strawberry-cream filled donut in my stomach as the first layer of the ultimate stomach parfait.

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