Deli Board (San Francisco)

It’s all Cleveland all the time at the Deli Board, so don’t even think about saying words like “New York” or “Chicago.” And after eating filled donuts, you need to create the ultimate stomach parfait by throwing on some corned beef, pastrami, and matzo-ball soup.

A sandwich of extraordinary magnitude.

The sandwich board (“Sando Board”) changes regularly, but the corned beef is where it’s at, and the pastrami is a close second. I split a corned beef and pastrami sandwich with muenster (the sandwiches are very big with generous piles of meat), and had to try the matzo-ball soup, which is the owner’s mother’s recipe.

The sandwich meat is all extremely tender and has none of the gross toughness or stringiness that you find on many corned beef or pastrami sandwiches, and there’s a perfect ratio of bread to meat. Often, a meat sandwich features much too much bread, or the bread has a hard crusty shell, making it very difficult to eat.

The matzo-ball soup was a nice, flavorful treat. The matzo ball was light and fluffy, not like the dense “cannonballs” (“gut bombs”) you sometimes get at other places. The broth was purportedly a three-day process, certainly worth the time and effort.

It’s probably the best meat sandwich I’ve had. Don’t tell Norm.

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