12th Street Pub (Lincoln)

I popped in with some friends from school after an arduous session of programming a processor. We’d all heard that the 12th Street Pub has a popular cheap-tacos affair on Tuesdays, so we made a Thursday trip (right?).

It took about five minutes before the “staff” paid us any attention. They seemed to be more interested in socializing with the foosball players. The menus strangely boldly claim that all their food is baked in convection ovens. But they also serve “paninis,” which no doubt will bunch Richard Ripshaw’s panties. After all, a singular sandwich is a “panino” and the plural is “panini.” What “paninis” are, and how one can make one in a convection oven, remains a mystery.

I chose the French dip. After a couple of apologies for being late with the au jus, our server ultimately copped that they had no au jus that day. He did offer to give me half off the sandwich. Ultimately, after the bill came with all items at full price, I talked them into giving me my whole sandwich for free. I’m just that persuasive these days.

The sandwich likely would’ve been alright with some au jus. I’ll likely never know.

I found out later that it is well known to not go to the 12th Street Pub on nights other than the taco Tuesdays.

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~ by jackjackson on April 22, 2012.

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  1. The French Dip aka the Beef Dip has its origins in American diners and is to be eaten at the counter with a hot bowl of au jus. It is also acceptable to pre-dip the entire roll before serving thus the under appreciated French Dip “wet”. There’s nothing Italian about it and to serve it without au jus is a massive FAIL!

  2. I’m guessing that them being “sans jus” means they were out of powder packets or cans of broth. It’s highly unlikely that they had the original juices from the beef, and I’m guessing this is true with most restaurants serving French dips.

    Does anyone know where I can get a French dip with “au jus” from the meat of the juices itself?

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