Dickey’s Barbecue Pit (Lincoln)

Sometimes chains are good, and sometimes chains are bad, and sometimes chains are good and bad. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit falls into that “good and bad” category.

It’s good because the brisket and barbecue sauces are really good. There’s a great smoke taste and the brisket has a good char and is very tender. You get quite a bit of it when you order the “1 Meat Plate,” which comes with two sides. I opted for beans and waffle fries, and was able to try the fried onion strips as well.

A "1 Meat Plate."

The fries tasted alright, as did the fried onion strips, but they were soggy and weren’t hot. You gotta get them hot and crispy and serve them right away to get the fryer hei, I say. And it’s weird to get a bun/roll, as an afterthought, really, and no butter for it. I took a bun bite, found it sweet, and yielded. The beans were alright, but soupy, so you actually end up with a bean soup.

And then you can get a free lime-green pickle, dyed a nuclear color no cucumber has ever been. The skin is tough and it tastes like vinegar. And then you can get free soft-serve ice cream, and it tastes much like nothing at all.

So, the brisket was excellent, as was the sauce. I would suggest getting some brisket and sauce to go, and make your own sides at home.

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~ by jackjackson on February 19, 2012.

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