HF Crave (Lincoln)

HF Crave is run by those of the Hollenbeck Farms, and I think what I had (two days in a row, even) was the best burger in Lincoln, maybe all of Nebraska.

A tasty burger.

I’d heard somewhat varied reviews, from “the best burger in town” to “overpriced and messy.” So I kept it somewhat simple, because I wanted to taste the burger and not a “stuffed signature burger.” I added grilled onions and mushrooms and pickles and mustard. The grass-fed beef was cooked to medium, leaving it so juicy that I had to get more napkins than originally thought sufficient. The grilled onions and mushrooms also added to the juiciness, and although I recommend adding them, there were way too many grilled onions on my burger, which was easy enough to fix. The beef was very tender and fresh, and the LeQuartier bun, grilled just a bit, was perfect. At a third of a pound, it’s a good size for lunch, even though I didn’t quite finish it all.

The waffle fries were also good, fried to a good crisp and served very hot. The chipotle mayonnaise and honey mustard are both good dipping sauces. Fellow restaurant reviewer, Richard Ripshaw, enjoyed his burger so much he insisted that we go back again the next day, and so we did.

Suggestion: keep your burger order simple.

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  1. Please see my recent twitter post on the matter: @pwmwine: Just in the nick of time! Best burger of 2011: Hollenbeck Farm’s Crave Lincoln. Confirmed after back-to-back burgers!

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