Fred & Ruby’s (Lincoln) (Parkway Lanes)

You all probably know or have heard that the burgers are good at Fred & Ruby’s (and they are). But Tuesdays for lunch is the hot beef plate, and let me tell you, it’s Really Quite Nice, and pretty close to the perfect hangover cure.

Hot beef injection.

I’m not normally a fan of white bread covered in gravy, but it’s something of a requisite for this dish. The roast beef is fresh and you better get there before noon because they run out of the special by around then. The only real drawbacks are the frozen niblets of corn and the gravy can be a bit over-gelatinous in spots (the Pantry across the street does a good hot beef plate all days of the week).

Do yourself a favor and drink too much on a Monday night, get up and out of bed on Tuesday, and hit up Parkway Lanes for a special treat (large fountain Pepsi recommended as a food/drink pairing).

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~ by jackjackson on December 20, 2011.

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