Pepperjax Grill (Omaha–Old Market)

I’d been told that Pepperjax Grill is somewhat a phoenix of the old Chartreuse Caboose sandwich chain of yore. I’d also been told that the Philly there is really good.

Meat sammy.

The meat gets chopped up and cooked as you stand in line. You can choose among several free toppings, and also request the “fireball,” which means they’ll grill the meat with some jalapeno oil. I didn’t want my butt to hurt, so I went with a regular Philly with green peppers, onions, and mushrooms, but no cheese (I’ve never liked cheese on a Philly, because I think they’re fatty enough without). I didn’t see Cheez Whiz on the menu, which is supposedly the “authentic” way to have a Philly (I think I’ll pass).

The prior two orders had some fireball sauce on them, and my meat had the slightest hint of heat because of this, and I think that would be the way to go. I’m not sure how you can guarantee two people in front of you will order the fireball, but I’d say maybe with some careful planning, it’s possible. The meat is very tender and I found very little gristle. There was some hot au jus at the hot sauce bar, and that was pretty good to dip it all into. And the bread is similar to a Gonnella roll, like you might get a Chicago-style Italian Beef on, which is a good thing.

It’s definitely a good Philly, much better than those at King Kong.

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