Flavors (Omaha)

Flavors does a good lunch buffet, but how does it do for dinner? When I stopped by, it wasn’t very busy, but the service was friendly and I was provided a free vegetable pakora platter and papadum to start.

Pakoras and papadum.

I’ve never been a fan of papadum. It tastes like parched bitterness, and dipping it in the chutney doesn’t seem to help me enjoy it. The vegetable pakoras, however, were delicious. This was the first pakora plate I’ve seen with some plain-old fried spinach thrown in, which is maybe the best way to enjoy spinach.

I tried the chicken madras, which is ultimately very similar to a Thai yellow curry with coconut milk. That plus an onion naan meant plenty of leftovers for lunch. Small complaint: a paper towel is used to line the basket for the naan, and the naan stuck to the paper towel, resulting in some of the paper towel getting stuck to the naan. I don’t suffer from pica, so this is not of interesting to me.

Yellow madras.

I ultimately prefer the Indian food at The Oven or Sher-e Punjab in Lincoln, but this is an extremely friendly place with good food.

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  1. Nice photos this time. Are you using a filter now? You almost have to with the camera phone. The food looks appetizing.

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