Saigon Surface (Omaha)

I know where Saigon is, so I figured I was headed to a Vietnamese place. But I’m still not sure what the “surface” is. After all, there are many surfaces at every restaurant.

Regardless, I arrived just in time for happy hour (from 3-5pm weekdays) and was pleased with the variety and prices. We had some spring rolls, some chicken skewers, some grilled pork, and some ginger lemonade. After happy hour ended, we had some papaya salad and the short ribs.

Shrimp chips?

A bowl of ribs and a fried, burled egg.

The happy-hour prices are great. Everything we had was pretty good. The chicken skewers seemed a bit overdone, though, with the outside edge a bit chewy. The short ribs came with a strange hard-boiled egg that was further lightly breaded and fried. I ate it. Whatever.

I don’t really appreciate the iPads for menus or that you can use the iPads to control the music being played, but it was at least an enjoyable gimmick. I’m pretty sure I’d eventually spill something on the iPads, but I promise to be careful.

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