Thai Garden (Lincoln)

I know most Lincolnites believe there is only one Thai restaurant in town, Blue Orchid, but I’ve long tried to sing the praises of the cheaper and better options. My favorites are Thai House and Thai Garden, and I think I’m becoming addicted to the tom kha soup at Thai Garden.

Can you find the cabbage?

The tom kha is similar to mulligatawny because it’s spicy, but it has lots of finely chopped cabbage hidden below the surface, like a sunken pirate ship filled with . . . finely chopped cabbage.

But that’s just the starter if you’re there for the daily lunch specials ($6.29). Next comes all this:

Yellow curry. Lemon curry?

The egg rolls are fried just right and the yellow curry with a splash of soy sauce is Really Quite Nice. I waffle between chicken and tofu. Thai Garden doesn’t get that nice crisp edge on the tofu like the Thai House always seems to manage, but it’s alright.

If you’re a “Blue Orchid only” diner, I can’t help you.

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~ by jackjackson on May 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “Thai Garden (Lincoln)”

  1. That bland plate of starch could not look more anemic. Blue Orchid is a superior restaurant on many levels. It is a bargain and there will be actual food on the plate for $3 to 4 dollars more. The above dish is a waste of $6.29.

    Blue Orchid cares about the setting, the comfort of its guests, they have a good beverage selection and they make an effort to provide good service. The flavors at Blue Orchid are bright, clean and fresh and they’re not afraid to mix in a vegetable–a sign of life!

    Your hubristic views on restaurants and food are not helpful. A cheaper option in this case is not at all a better option. It’s just cheap and that’s all it is.

  2. I’ll bet you haven’t been to Thai House or Thai Garden to back-up your own hubris.

  3. Of course I’ve been to Thai Garden. You took me there once.

    You seem to favor restaurants that serve piles of starch and protein cheaply and ignore the other components of restaurant service and good eating. It seems that you view presentation and elevated service as an affectation but that’s actually called giving a shit. Blue Orchid raises the bar in Lincoln for food, service and décor. Do you feel threatened by that for some reason?

  4. Of course I feel threatened. I can barely make it out my door. Sometimes I think Blue Orchid is out to get me.

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