Uncommon Ground (Chicago)

And then it came time for maybe the sixth or seventh meal of the day, a smaller affair to be sure, at Uncommon Ground.

Lemon Ginger, or Ginger Lemon?

It’s hard to wander through life sober, so I had a lemon-ginger martini (lemogingatini?) which helped clarify my thoughts. We sat at the bar with a group of five, and had some of the best and friendliest service I’ve encountered yet, and most importantly, conversational without façade.

Don't stand up, sister.

And then this thing showed up, an entire tempura soft-shell crab. I went for the legs, so as to prevent it from wandering off. My companions insisted that the face and the beak were the best, but whatever. Also of note was the three-bean vegetable dip and the sweet potato fries. This could be my new go-to place.

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