Toast (Chicago)

I was hoodwinked into having a fifth or sixth meal for the day, somewhere between the Italian beef sandwich and the tacos and some beers, and so I ordered what I thought would be a light affair.

Even cream of mushroom has cheese on it in Chicago.

If I’d had room for a full meal, I know I would’ve really enjoyed it. But instead I had some soup and a side. The cream of mushroom had cheese on it, and I’ve never seen that before. It’s just further evidence that everything has cheese on it in Chicago. The soup itself was served just above warm, and I’ve complained about that before about many soups at many other places. You gotta serve them hot.

If it’s too hot, I can wait or burn my soft palate. If it’s too cold, you can’t really do anything but look like a complainer if you ask for it to be warmed up. I would’ve really enjoyed it if it were served hot (and sans cheese). The mushrooms themselves were mostly blended up, and whatever mushroom it was (I’m guessing Baby Portabella or Crimini), had a pretty dark flavor that didn’t fit well with the cream.

The potatoes were pretty good, but this was simply an error in overeating for the day, resulting in my ordering something that wasn’t great. I tried a bite of French toast that was really delicious, and I don’t even like French toast.

So, sorry Toast, next time I’ll come hungry. The service was really good.

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~ by jackjackson on May 25, 2011.

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