Big Star (Chicago)

Sometimes the hype is worth the hype. The last time I tried to eat at Big Star, there was a waiting list for about three hours, and that was at about 3pm on a Thursday. I thought maybe the hype had died down a little, so I went at 3pm on a Friday. It was still to packed to wait for a table, but I stopped by the to-go window because, you know, who doesn’t need some tacos in the middle of the day?

Taco Panza.


Taco Pastor. (N.B., the Pollito Asado upper left.)

I chose two tacos, one Pastor and one Panza. At $3 each, it’s all worth it. The order came with two lime wedges, red and green salsa, and a little chicken lollipop, which I gave to a friend who confirmed that it was not, in fact, a chicken-flavored lollipop. [“It doesn’t taste like chicken.”]

The salsas are really good and fresh, as are the tacos. While the Panza was pretty good, the Pastor may be the best taco I’ve had yet. I really enjoyed the small pieces of pineapple among all of the other flavors of lime, cilantro, onion, and whatever tasty spices the pork shoulder was marinated in.

The Panza is braised pork belly, and makes for a slightly tougher affair, but worth it for some variety. I plan to head back to try all the other tacos, and hopefully have time to sit down for an actual meal.

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