Pick Me Up Cafe (Chicago)

If you want to drink a lot on a trip to Chicago, you better start of with a big meal. After a plane, train, and automobile ride, I found myself among friends at the Pick Me Up Cafe.

Stuffed mushrooms and thin onion rings.

We started with some mushrooms stuffed with a bunch of stuff, including sun-dried tomatoes (whatever happens to all the moon-dried tomatoes?). They were good and greasy and perfect stomach-lining for a long night of drinking until 4am. But then came my sandwich. For $9 I was expecting a normal-sized sandwich and some fries. Instead, I got this:

A huge, blurry sandwich fit for two or three kings.

Everything in Chicago has cheese on it, so while the fries were tasty, they got all soggy with cheese and oil. Don’t get me wrong: I like cheese, too. I just don’t need cheese as a go-with for everything.

The sandwich itself was a monstrosity. It was the turkey/bacon/ham/provolone club, and was so big it had three slices of bread. The sandwich was pretty good and hit the spot, but I wasn’t able to eat close to even half of the sandwich, let alone the fries.

I’d normally say Half the Food at Half the Price (HtFaHtP) is in order here, but maybe a Third of the Food at a Third of the Price (aTotFaaTotP) is really meet, apropos, suitable.

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