9 South Chargrill (Lincoln)

9 South Chargrill is possibly the most-aptly-named restaurant in Nebraska. It’s on 9th and South, and the chargrill certainly chars and grills stuff, so much so that the atmosphere is often filled with a tear-inducing smoke. They certainly need to do some work on the hood/exhaust system.

On a recent trip for lunch, we had generally good food but lackluster service. It looked like the host had lost (or won?) a battle with a bottle of whiskey on the prior evening, and our server, while just attentive enough, seemed a bit charred, too. And I overheard something I would never tolerate at a restaurant of my own: the host told a table nearby that he wouldn’t take care of their request because he was the host and he would “let the server take care of that.” Well, excuse me!

A chargrilled meat sandwich.

While a basic sandwich combo and drink easily runs over $10, you get a lot of food (two sides). The waffle fries taste good but they’re doing something wrong somehow, because they aren’t ever crispy. The side of baked beans is pretty unremarkable in that it doesn’t taste much different from right out of a can.

The Philly sandwich was pretty good, though. The meat was tender and not grisly, and the bun was fresh. It would’ve been really good with a cup beef broth for dipping.

Overall, the food is pretty good if a bit pricey, and the service could use at least a patina of professionalism.

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