Sher-e-Punjab (Lincoln)

I think Sher-e-Punjab is my favorite restaurant in Lincoln. In fact, it’s possibly my favorite Indian restaurant I’ve found yet. And you Oven fanboys can just stop reading, of course. And you people who’ve found some hole-in-the-wall place in some big city, like on Devon Ave. in Chicago, well, you can just save your anecdotes for someone else.

The mulligatawny is great. It’s got the right spiciness and the right texture. It’s not too thick like you get at the Oven. The naans are usually cooked evenly and puffy without being too greasy. And the samosas are flaky and not too greasy, either.

Korma and Vindaloo, 23 skidoo.

I particularly like the chicken Vindaloo, because it’s not overly hot but is very tangy, I’m guessing from lemon juice. And I know the place is in a strip mall and the atmosphere is not as good as the Oven’s, but the food is more consistent and I think it tastes better.

But I’ll gladly eat at the Oven any day as well, because the Oven might be my second-favorite restaurant in Lincoln.

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~ by jackjackson on April 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “Sher-e-Punjab (Lincoln)”

  1. what about the other dishes? seems like you always order the same dishes. Seems like to call it “my favorite restaurant in Lincoln”, you’d need to try a variety of dishes. Or is it your “favorite restaurant in Lincoln” if you order mulligatawny, naan, and chicken tikka korma or lamb vinadaloo? I think you’re a crappy food crtic.

  2. Sher-e-Punjab is a hole-in-the-mall, nondescript restaurant serving British-Indian cuisine of no particular distinction. Its decor is meant to be non-offensive but isn’t exactly inviting and their beverage program is basically non-existent. You always order the exact same dishes and I find this “review” pointless.

  3. Once again, your aggressive ignorance shines. I’ve tried nearly every dish there, and I simply like the Vindaloo the best. I’m sorry they don’t have a wine list there that was given an award by Wine Spectator. It’s too bad you have such rigid standards, but to each his own.

  4. im an oven fanboy, but i kept reading anyways.

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