King Kong vs. New York Chicken & Gyros (Omaha)

I decided to play a little game this week called “Raise Jack’s Cholesterol.” I started by going to King Kong for a gyro.

Too much food for me.

At King Kong, I often just order the kid’s gyro, because it comes with fries and a drink and still comprises more food than I can comfortably eat in one meal. The King Kong gyro features the traditional pita with the beef/lamb beast stuff that often has a too-soft texture. I prefer the beef/lamb beast to at least get a little char on it. Otherwise, it seems like it was merely steamed.

The gyro comes with a pretty plain sauce and some onions and mealy out-of-season tomatoes. You also get about two large potatoes of fries with some seasoned salt. I like the fries with the seasoned salt because they come out pretty crispy.

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But then I also hit up the New York Chicken & Gyros for a chicken shawarma gyro, because the place is under new ownership with a sleeker menu.

Not a chicken & gyro. Just a chicken gyro.

You get about the same amount of food (too much), but the pita is more like a tortilla and has a better taste. The sauce also has a much better taste, with more spice and more complex flavors. And instead of the boring onions and mealy tomatoes, you get cucumbers, carrots, onions, and mealy tomatoes. The fries were pretty good, too, but they aren’t as crisp as King Kong’s.

Overall, the New York Chicken & Gyros chicken shawarma gyro was much better with more interesting flavors and ingredients than the King Kong gyro. The prices also seem to be slightly cheaper across the board there as well. Unfortunately, you can’t get a two-pound burger.

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~ by jackjackson on April 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “King Kong vs. New York Chicken & Gyros (Omaha)”

  1. NYC&G new owner is Chef Paul Urban of the now defunct Darwin’s Bistro. I expect good things and will try it the next time I’m in town. Why serve tomatoes at all? Would customers feel ripped off if they got a Gyro without tomatoes? Completely unnecessary until they can be local and ripe then they become very necessary.

  2. Chef Urban says he co-owns this with Chef Jessica Joyce. He also said that he sometimes needs to use out of season product due to the economy and midwest location.

  3. No one has to put out-of-season tomatoes on anything.

  4. Well, that’s what I mean. Would customers feel cheated if their Gyros came without tomatoes 10 months out of the year? Your review mentioned that the sandwich also comes topped with “cucumbers, carrots, onions”. Sounds good to me and when the tomatoes are right I’ll take those too. Charge me extra even!

  5. It is my understanding that Chefs Paul and Jess are growing their own tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc in their own garden. Throughout the summer months, expect hand-picked, hand-grown veggies on all of your meals.

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