Mama’s Dream Bakery and Deli (Lincoln)

It seems like everyone’s offering some sort of online “coupon” where you do something like give a place $15 and in return you get a piece of paper that’s worth $30. Well, that sure worked on us, and we went to Mama’s Dream for some sandwiches.

A dream sign?

The story I heard is that Mama’s Dream was the dream of some mamas. Good. Words have meaning and I like it when words mean what you think they mean. Then again, if it’s the dream of multiple mamas, the apostrophe should move a little.

There’s not a lot of seating inside, but it’s clean and bright and it would likely get a ton of foot traffic if located nearer to downtown’s core.

I had a pastrami on rye and a bowl of the chili.

Does it have good mouthfeel?

The prices at Mama’s Dream are all very reasonable. All of the ingredients were fresh, but ultimately I was left with a feeling that nothing was all that remarkable, in the sense that I can make a pastrami on rye and the chili tasted almost exactly like the chili I make at home. What makes a trip to the deli worthwhile is the affordability and variety.

I also tried a couple slices of cake to go, which were also very reasonably priced. I believe the pieces were a little past their prime. They possibly need to cut them to order, as the slices were pretty dry when dug into.

So even without a goofy coupon, it’s worth checking out.

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