La Buvette (Omaha)

I am, of course, a fan of La Buvette and have eaten there several times. I guess I’ve never gotten around to posting about it, though.

On a recent trip with good friends, we started with the pork rillettes, which comes with slices of the excellent rye and baguette, some cornichons, some olives, some sliced red onion, some mustard, and . . . well just look at the picture and you can see for yourself.

A buncha stuff on a plate.

The rillettes was excellent and wasn’t too heavy. The bread was great and I particularly liked the salted red onion with the rillettes. It seems like a very simple plate but the execution has to be there, too. I’d recommend ordering this every visit, much like the meatballs at Pitch.

Then I had the cassoulet.

A hearty bean meat stew, overexposed.

The cassoulet was really good. And it wasn’t an obnoxious portion. The beans were cooked just right with a very slight and subtle toothiness, and the meats were very savory. My only wish, and I’m sure some traditionalists will scoff, is that the meat chunks be cut or torn up into slightly smaller pieces. Or if you want the pieces to stay the same size, serve it with a steak knife to facilitate the eating.

I have a small complaint about La Buvette’s atmosphere: there’s no hood in the kitchen area, so by the end of dinner you and your clothes smell like a hot-oil fondue of fried meats. Oh, well. It could be worse.

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