Manhattan Deli (Omaha)

I recently was looking forward to a quick and cheap bowl of chili at the Manhattan Deli (I hadn’t been in months). To my pleasant surprise, the whole place has been remodeled and is under new ownership. I was a little miffed at first because the chili is no longer on the menu, and the unnecessarily complicated system of writing down your order on a sheet and handing it to the cashier were gone. Also gone were the cute old ladies and much of the antiquated accoutrements from the walls.

Also missing is the framed newspaper article featuring the prior owner admitting to having never been to Manhattan. When I asked the new owner, she said she’d never been, either. Baby steps, I know.

But what you’ll now find is a cleaned-up restaurant with a revamped menu and some very friendly staff.

A cup of broccoli cheese and a marble rye roast beef.

I opted for the special, a roast beef and American on marbled rye with some horseradish sauce and a napalm-hot broccoli cheese soup. It’s a marked improvement over the fare from the prior management. If you didn’t like it before, give it a new chance.

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  1. I hope the new owners Manhattan Deli realize the importance of good deli. I hope they care.

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