Cantina Laredo (Omaha)

Cantina Laredo is a difficult place. I generally like the food but the atmosphere and service often leave me scratching my head.

First off, you’ve got to question the sincerity of a restaurant which advertises itself as “gourmet Mexican food” on its website, but has a Ladies’ night every Thursday. And Ladies’ night is supposed to mean half-price margaritas, but our server told us ladies would get a margarita for $4 which was normally $7. I’m not a math major (I was a math minor), but when I do half of seven in my head, I get a number that’s not four.

We were seated in a booth right next to the bar on Ladies’ night, and after a little while, the bar was so crowded and busy that people were pretty constantly passing back and forth and the acoustics are such that you we could no longer hear each other across the table without yelling.

But like I said, I’ve generally enjoyed the food so far. I’ve enjoyed several different tacos and enchiladas and like the tortilla soup. The chips and salsa are pretty good, as was the guacamole, which they insist on making table-side as if though making guacamole were some kind of special event worthy of an audience. It’s not. Please just make some guacamole ahead of time and bring it out to the table when I order it. And it seems a little debasing to the servers to make them perform like that.

The service has generally been either slow or inattentive. It seems like the kind of place where the servers abandon you after you get your food, and then you have to flag them down for your ticket.

But who can argue with half-priced margaritas for the ladies?

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~ by jackjackson on February 20, 2011.

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